Liquidation and Asset-control

Our company, which is registered under No. 26 in the Register of Liquidators, is an organisation with nationwide coverage. In the framework of the liquidation business branch, we do not only operate as a liquidator, but we also undertake creditor’s counseling, or creditor’s representation in case of liquidations conducted by others. We also undertake the operation and representation of creditors’ committees. As an experienced liquidator, our conviction is that creditors can cooperate with our insolvency practitioners more easily with our help.

Crisis and Bankruptcy Management

We provide help to companies in a distressed financial situation in connection with the following issues:

  • providing information to the company managers about the financial situation of the enterprise
  • making a proposal for debt management
  • keeping contact and reconciling with creditors
  • preparing a stabilisation plan

Based on several years of experience in the area of liquidation and bankruptcy management, we recommend our assistance in the termination of companies and their exit from the market. In the framework of this, and with a guarantee to fully abide by all the relevant laws, we give advice on:

  • the rational winding-up of the activity,
  • the optimal distribution of the companies’ assets,
  • the specific method of the termination of the company.

Reorganisation and Corporate Restructuring

Following due diligence, we prepare a detailed reorganisation plan, and we actively take part in its implementation upon request. In the framework of this, our tasks are as follows:

  • to the determine the scope of unexploited assets,
  • to explore the sources of losses,
  • to assess the development of liquidity,
  • to determine and optimise the stock of inventories and liabilities,
  • to determine the requirements of additional resources

In case of bankruptcy proceedings, we undertake:

  • to prepare decision-making for the management and owners,
  • to prepare the creditors’ meetings,
  • to work out the plan for the restoration of solvency,
  • to conduct the necessary administration completely, including any legal services.

In case of final settlement we only undertake to fulfill complete final settlement assignments.

Economic, Financial and Tax Counseling

We provide complex services to companies and their leaders such as:

  • The due diligence and economic analysis of enterprises,
  • Working out and implementing efficient corporate strategies,
  • We respond to each client’s requirements individually and creatively and provide efficient solutions.

We provide such advice to our clients with the help of which they can further operate with the most optimal financial and tax policy in our increasingly complex economic and market environment.

Internal Control

Our company possesses internal control, the purpose of which is that Credit-audit Ltd should develop its operation and enhance its productivity. An integrated part of our internal control system is our company’s electronic administrative and filing system.

The independent internal control evaluates and develops the efficiency of our company’s risk management, controlling and managing procedures with a systematic approach and special methods. The internal control makes statements and recommendations to the general manager by examining compliance with laws and internal regulations as well as profitability, efficiency and productivity.

The internal controlling regulations and the manual of Credit-audit Ltd may be downloaded by clicking here.

Our company possesses a central electronic administrative and filing system. More about the system: www.itjump.hu


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