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It is the official website of the Hungarian Association of Insolvency Practitioners and Asset Controllers.

Most of the information related to the theme is available on this page. Entries, such as articles, news, bankruptcy, risk, debt and crisis management, liquidation, final settlement, useful links, audits, appraisals, etc.

On this website the contact information related to the Supreme Court, the High Court of Justice, the Courts of Justice, and the Company Courts is available as well as their areas of jurisdiction, the names and appointments of the judges working there. With the help of the search programme, one might search for or get informed about the data.


It is the official website of the Hungarian Bar Association. In addition to the information connected to the association, there is a lot of professional and up-to-date news available, and the “ lawyer search” option might also be useful.

The official website of the Curia (the former Supreme Court). Under the title “insolvency matters” in the navigation band on the left-hand side of the Curia’s website, one might search for a collection of the resumes of anonymous and precedent-setting rulings.

It is the official website of the worldwide organisation of insolvency experts and professional associations.

The official website of the European organisation of insolvency experts.

The website of the Central Filing System of Liquidators (FOKI).


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